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Features offered by phone tracker

Mobile tracker can be fairly termed as a spy software. It does not leak any crucial information that may be challenging for national security. A phone tracker works in a similar way as a security camera or one can say even better. A tracker can provide you with slightest details of shared data. It can provide accurate information by extracting all the data from the phone in which it is installed. The device is user friendly to such an extent that anyone can install and uninstall it. The only tricky part is accessing the phone in which the device has to be installed. Once it has been secretly installed, phone tracker offers numerous different features. There is no hurry or limitation as to when you can go through the recorded data. The recorded information can be accessed through an online account assigned to you.

Using a phone tracker you can easily keep yourself up dated about the activities of the suspect. It records the number and time of the dialed calls. All the phones calls dialed through the phone will be automatically saved in your online account. Calls received by the phone can also be checked in a similar way as dialed calls. So in short you will know when and who has called or received calls from the phone.

Apart from calls, trackers also allow you to access sent and received text messages. E-mail inbox and out box can also be checked if the suspect uses cell phone for sending and receiving mails. This is one great benefit of using tracker for collecting valuable data that reveals perfect truth. Not to forget, picture messages can also be accessed using phone tracker!

Phone tracker allows you to find out where the phone has been. This is possible because the device integrates GPS and/or GSM system.

Another feature offered by phone tracker is access to internet search history. This will allow you to monitor which type of site have been opened and used.

Through phone tracker, you can even access the phonebook and the contact list. This can provide some great clues about the type of company the suspect is hanging out with.